Money back conditions

Why we offer money back

DNA Diet rewards and celebrates success by refunding the cost of the 12 Week Plan ($99) to members who successfully complete the program. That means you get your money back plus the opportunity to lose weight and transform your health for free!

Research shows that members who meet the money back criteria not only lose more weight, they also report greater satisfaction and increased feelings of success. Plus, they're more likely to recommend DNA Diet to their friends (which is why we're able to offer such a generous incentive).   

Please keep in mind that the offer is popular so conditions must be strictly adhered to.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for your money back, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  1. purchase an eligible membership through the DNA Diet website (see below)
  2. record your weight and a weigh-in selfie (photograph) in the online weight tracker or iOS mobile app at least once within each week within the first 12 weeks of your membership; and
  3. achieve a net weight loss over the 12 weeks; and
  4. set up and start the program within 7 days of your membership start date; and
  5. complete an end of program survey which includes giving consent to using your story and photos to inspire others; and
  6. submit your request within 7 days of your program completion date (which is 84 days from your program start date); and 
  7. not take any action that may exempt you from the money back offer e.g. putting your membership on hold – see list of exemptions below.

Money back process

Eligible money back payments will be issued to the credit card used to purchase your membership, up to 21 business days following the receipt of approval of your request. We cannot issue money back to a different credit card. Instead of money back, you also have the option to use your rebate to access a second 12 Week Plan free of charge.

Eligible memberships

The money back offer is only available on these full-priced memberships purchased through the DNA Diet website, i.e.

  • 12 week membership ($9.99 x 12)
  • 3 month membership ($99)
  • 6 month membership ($199)

Memberships purchased from the iOS DNA Diet Tracker App are not eligible for the money back offer (because it is not possible for us to rebate your membership through the Apple App Store).

Maximum money back = $99

The maximum money back we will pay is $99 which covers the 12 Week Plan fee. We cannot refund taxes or the cost of other products purchased with your membership. If you purchased a discounted membership that we chose to make eligible for the money back offer, your refund amount would be the discounted amount, not the maximum amount.


The following actions will exempt you from receiving money back:

  • Putting your membership on hold
  • Failing to start the program within 7 days of your membership start date
  • Having an outstanding payment due on your account

Only one claim per member

You can only claim the money back offer once. Even if you purchased an eligible membership twice and complied with all the criteria, we will only award one refund per member.

Special circumstances

We want as many members as possible to complete the 12 Week Plan and receive their money back, however, criteria to receive the payment is strictly enforced. If you encounter a life issue that may affect your ability to meet the criteria (e.g. personal illness or a death in the family) we may take this into consideration when assessing your money back claim. Please note that we do not consider holidays, vacations, relocations, poor weather or other similar events as special circumstances.