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DNA and weight loss

Many people struggle with starting a diet and losing weight, and the fact is that no one is alone in this. However, you are unique, and you need a unique plan fit to your body. Your individual DNA and genes both make you who you are and drive how your body responds to weight loss plans.

Research in DNA diets, DNA testing for weight loss, and the evolution of integrated DNA technologies for weight loss allows us to learn the best ways for each and every person to lose weight. DNA Diet Plan has teamed up with the Mayo Clinic to provide a trusted library of content on weight loss, wellness, healthy living, and genetic research – exclusively for DNA Diet.

DNA and Weight Loss

DNA and weight loss

How does DNA damage impact my health?

DNA influences…

  • Food preferences
  • Food cravings
  • Your habits
  • How your body processes nutrients
  • Your risk of some health conditions
  • Your weight and body fat percentage

Diet, stress, sleep and exercise can also affect how your DNA works – for better or for worse. However, a healthy diet and positive lifestyle can reprogram your DNA for natural, healthier weight loss and can help you avoid health conditions that put you at a greater risk of obesity and poor health in general.

How does DNA damage impact my health?

70% of factors that affect body weight are tied to your genes

People commonly ask, “Why am I not losing weight?” After trying every diet and meal plan, they see no weight loss results. We know why.

Your ability to lose weight, risks for obesity and other health conditions, as well as food habits – are all affected by your DNA makeup (i.e., your genes). Starting a diet can be difficult and having a poor diet can change how your DNA works, making it even harder to lose weight.

Our program allows us to recommend the best weight loss plan to help you reach your weight loss goals and will answer your question “Why am I not losing weight?”

70% of factors that affect body weight are tied to your genes

The relationship between genes and diet: Can I blame my genes?

Some of us can blame being overweight on our genes – up to a degree. There are many different genes that impact weight, including the well-known FTO gene that has been linked to obesity. There are many health risks of being overweight, so joining DNA Diet can be life-changing.

DNA Diet has a free tool that allows you to check your genetic obesity risk. Using a scientific risk score, DNA Diet can estimate if being overweight is in your genes.

There is no need to feel anxious about the results revealed by your genes. Knowing if obesity is in your DNA can help you take positive steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

The relationship between genes and diet: Can I blame my genes?
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