Tracking Tools

Weight tracker

DNA Diet's weight tracking tools includes easy-to-use tools to help you track your weight loss. You can weigh-in online or use the iOS DNA Diet Tracker app to record your weight. With our weight tracker you can:

  • Record your weight and body measurements
  • Save a weigh-in selfie
  • Track how you feel about your weigh-in with emojis
  • See graphs of your weight loss
  • Receive motivating reminders to weigh-in
Weight tracker

Food and exercise tracker

DNA Diet’s weight tracking tools include complimentary access to the iOS DNA Diet Tracker app. It includes the weight tracker and allows you to track everything you eat and drink, as well as any exercise you do.

  • Look up over 700,000 foods including grocery, restaurant and common foods
  • Search by barcode for your favorite products
  • Instantly add the DNA Diet meal plans to your tracker
  • View your meal plan grocery lists by day or week
  • Monitor your calorie intake and output
  • Track your intake of protein, carbs and fat
Food and exercise tracker