Everything you need to know about the DNA Diet Plan

Your DNA is at the heart of the DNA Diet

Weight loss is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. We want to help you discover how to lose weight in ways that are best for your body. DNA Diet takes you on a personal journey of self-discovery toward weight loss and better health. We will teach you how to lose weight safely and answer every question you have about what the DNA Diet is.

Your journey begins with 20 DNA insights from your test results which focus on genes that affect your taste, behavior, metabolism, and risks. These insights help you understand your genes so that we can use DNA to your advantage in this weight loss program.

Your DNA is at the heart of the DNA Diet

Your weight loss meal plan

Each week, you’ll enjoy a delicious new collection of meals that take all the thinking out of healthy eating. We adjust your weight loss meal plan to cater to your genetic sensitivities. We will also provide you with insights to help you understand how to lose weight in a way that supports your unique DNA.

Our team of Registered Dieticians have designed the weight loss meal plans to be:

  • Packed with nutrition
  • High in protein for craving control
  • Healthy fats for heart health
  • Lower but healthier carbs for blood sugar control
  • Calorie controlled for weight loss and longevity
Your weight loss meal plan

What is the DNA Diet: Your 12-week plan

DNA Diet includes a 12-Week Plan to give you time to establish new habits essential for weight control.

The plan includes 12 exclusive “rules” for weight loss that are based on science and designed to help your DNA work better.

Each week, we will take a deeper dive into a rule, offering weight loss tips and tutorials for implementing the rule into your life to help you reach your weight loss goals.

What is the DNA Diet: Your 12-week plan

Let us help you stay on track

When you become a member of DNA Diet, you are joining a team committed to our scientifically-proven weight management platform. We have already helped over 500,000 people lose weight and some have surpassed their weight loss goals. Our weight loss tools help you stay on track, and include:

  • DNA Diet Tracker app for iPhone and iPad
  • Motivating weight tracker that records your weight and weigh-in selfies
  • Easy-print PDFs with your meal plans, grocery lists and program tutorials
  • Reminder emails to keep you up-to-date
  • Private Facebook support groups for encouragement along your healthy journey
Let us help you stay on track

Exercise at home

DNA Diet also includes a 12-Week Exercise Plan to build your inner strength, using a combination of resistance exercises to boost fat loss and cardio to burn calories. Our fat loss workouts include exercise videos and workout tips, so you’re not left guessing.

Plus, you can do the workouts at home. No exercise equipment is required.

Exercise at home

Start losing weight now - upload your DNA results later

You don't need your DNA results to get started with DNA Diet. Simply sign up today and upload your AncestryDNA or 23andMe DNA results when they are ready.

Start losing weight now - upload your DNA results later
Get your money back as additional motivation

DNA Diet is so effective we put our money on your success. If you complete 12 weeks of the DNA Diet and lose weight, we will reward your commitment by refunding your membership fee. 
Money back conditions

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