The DNA Diet Plan:
Where science and weight loss meet

Are your genes making you obese? Find out now


A personalized weight loss plan from a diet based on DNA

Here's what you'll get from the DNA Diet Plan:

  • Science-based information on weight loss, healthy living and genetics developed exclusively for DNA Diet by Mayo Clinic
  • A weight loss profile including your genetic obesity risk
  • Insights into the relationship between DNA and weight loss 
  • Delicious meal plans with DNA-based food substitutions
  • Choice of standard weight loss or fasting options
  • Easy-to-use weight loss tracker to keep you on track
  • Quirky facts about your taste preferences
  • At-home exercise plans to boost fat loss
  • 12 week DNA Diet Plan to help support your weight loss

Only $9.99 per week

A personalized weight loss plan from a diet based on DNA

Only $9.99 per week

Get your money back as additional motivation

The DNA Diet Plan is so effective we put our money on your success. If you complete 12 weeks of the DNA Diet Plan and lose weight, we will reward your commitment by refunding your membership fee. 
Money back conditions

Personalized diet plan backed by science

We've teamed with Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s leading academic medical centers, to bring you the latest in DNA research and weight loss information. Explore 100s of fact sheets, videos and recipes from the Mayo Clinic Wellness Library while you lose weight.  

Personalized diet plan backed by science

Simple and easy to use

Each week you will receive a personalized DNA Diet plan with your unique weight loss meal plan and tasks to keep you on track. It’s emailed in a convenient PDF but you can also login to the website to plan ahead.

Personalized unique menu Personalized unique menu
Grocery list Grocery list
Tasks to keep you on track Tasks to keep you on track

Weight loss support groups

You will not be losing weight alone! Our growing community of members hang out in Facebook group to share their experience and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Weight loss support groups
I believe the secret to losing weight is in our DNA so we combined the DNA Diet with the latest evidence-based content from Mayo Clinic.
Scott Penn, DNA Diet Founder<br /> & Weight Loss Expert
Scott Penn, DNA Diet Founder
& Weight Loss Expert

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